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Our mission is to help you reach your business potential, digitally.

Wesurance is a technology company that builds digital insurance solutions for all insurance businesses. Our solution-focused software helps you to grow your digital business and explore new business models.

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How we began

We are building the world's simplest to go digital application for insurance businesses.

From 2017, Wesurance provided digital solutions for insurers. Working with many insurers has us thinking, "not all insurance business have the resources to go digital".


Today, we created DTX to help all insurance businesses to grow digitally affordably. We help insurers to bring insurance products online and provide turnkey innovative business model solutions.

After years of working with Insurance Brokers and Insurers globally, it helped us realise the number of resources it can consume a business. We understand that many businesses may not have the resources to digitalise and may not be willing to pay for such systems that may not generate income. However, you feel that making insurance products online is important for your customers.


That's why we created DTX, to help insurance businesses to grow their online presence by making insurance products available online.

Removing technical complexity

We have simplified the digital implementation process so you can focus on delivering business to your customers while staying ahead in the evolving market.

Your Existing Infrastructure 

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Honoured to be Recognised

We try to empower businesses to reach their full potential through technology.

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Where you will find us