Solution: Accelerator

Accelerate the product creation phase.

Release a new product onto the market before any of your competitors.

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What is Accelerator?

Accelerator can speed up the production creation phase to a matter of days. Creating and launching new insurance products onto digital channels can take months, but Wesurance can do this 10x faster.

What is it?

Product Configurator

Our Users can digitise their products through the Product Configurator.


Choose from a range of pre-built end-to-end product templates and customise them to match your existing website style and design.

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Building Your Products?

Building Block by Block

Each step in the purchasing process is like a building block. Using the Product Configurator, each block can be added or removed. This enables Insurers to use DTX to have the flexibility to develop insurance products with different levels of complexity.

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Product types you can launch with DTX

Satisfy your customer’s fast-changing interests.

Wesurance DTX can work with both General Insurance and Life Insurance - no product type is too complicated for us to handle. This varies from straight-through products, such as micro-insurance to complicated products with detailed quotations and underwriting questions, such as medical insurance. The simplified product creation process means that can create and launch products that meet customer’s fast-changing interests.

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Policy Administrator

Under Your Control

For delivering policies to your customers, we have a policy administration system where you can customise your policy number style. This allows you to create, implement and maintain your policies. It allows you to keep an organised record of all policies sold.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Integrated Payment Gateway

To accelerate the launch of your products, we work with the world top payment gateway processors, Stripe and - to provide a simplier way for our users to accept any type of payment quickly and easily.

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We've got you covered

We know digitalising your Insurance business is challenging. That’s why we’ve made sure you have everything you need to succeed. Think of Wesurance as your very own pit-crew for building your digital distribution, with top of the line security, unlimited product creation and much more.

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