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Insurtech Transformation
Designed for Insurer

Wesurance helps you lower the technical barrier to transform your Insurance business and build better customer relationships.

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Bring your business online with Wesurance

At Wesurance, we strive to look far into the future: Creating technology that matters.

Wesurance helps Insurers leap into the future with a collection of advance tools that enhance your existing digital Infrustructure. dtX is designed for people who see the evolution power of InsurTech. Be part of The Evolution of Insurance Business.

Your Customers

Insurtech-as-a-Service Platform


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Take the best path forward

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Start your online journey

Whether you have a new product, you want to put online or looking for tools to help find new prospects. We've got it all.

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No matter what system you are using. Move all your insurance product online easily. Develop new exciting products and serve customers in a new way.

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Explore features

From digitalising your agents and brokers to selling insurance through channels. We develop solutions you need.

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Industry expert

Get started with Wesurance. We have years of experience in the industry.

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Cost on usage with no fixed investment

Start at no cost and stop whenever you wish, with Transparent Pricing and Predictable fees, you can find the plan that suits you best. With unlimited product creation, the cost of development decreases with each product created.

Why you should Transform with Wesurance?

We create flexible service that you need

Low technical barrier

All the tools designed for Insurers, with automatic constant updates solving industry issues. No code, No training required to transform your digital business. Simply sign up and start transforming your online business. 

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Launch and test new idea/product

Easy-to-build digital products with product templates library allow for faster go to market approach. Explore our hundreds of product template with flexibility to become any insurance type. Start launching new products at speed.

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Easy Integration to existing system

Accepts all levels of digitalisation. From zero to Advance. You don't need a specialist to get you started.

Compliance hassle-free

Compliance made easy with customer transaction directly paid to you. Wesurance is a software provider, where all products made are completely owned by you.

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All you need to reach customer digitally.

Ultimate tools build specifically for Insurance Business, engineered by experts, approved by Industry leaders.

Product Configurator

Fast & easy. Launch Insurance products online Instantly with product templates.

Analytics & Performance

Know how your digital products doing in

one place.

Security & Privacy

Protected by the same level of security used by banks.

Product Sharing 

Enable your products to be distributed everywhere Online.

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