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Build Insurance Product easily, find new prospects and create channel partnership.

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Meet dtX all-in-one solution for Insurers


Put Your Insurance Products Online.

Choose from many product templates & Create your own Direct sales channel with unlimited products creation—  Under 1 week.

Product Building Simplified. Simply choose a product you would like to create, fill in your product information.

Test New Products. Create any type of Insurance Product.

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Choose a Template

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Product Customized.

Customized how your product appearances, colour and much more.

Micro changes? No Problem. Simply choose your template, design and start creating your product. Make unlimited changes instantly.

Simple Product Building. Enable anyone in your team to build an insurance product. 


Sell in a new way.

Wesurance has created a new way to sell insurance, through the use of e-Voucher. Using e-Voucher allows sale versatility.

A new way of selling Insurance. Introduce versatility into insurance, allowing businesses to buy e-vouchers for their customers.

Extend, Reach, Integrate. Find new prospects through business channels, work with channels to create a WIN-WIN situation.

Love Coupons
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Manage, change, test New Insurance Logic

Wesurance uses a no-code approach to allow Insurer to manage, change and test their own insurance logic.

Underwrite Products your way. Allow Insurers to customized the underwriting process. The combination is endless.


Discount & Voucher Generator

Offer discount or gift e-vouchers to anyone and any channels.

Extend, Reach, Integrate. Find new prospects through business channels, work with channels to create a WIN-WIN situation.

More ways for happy customers. Allow channels to introduce insurance to customers with e-vouchers.

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We take security and compliance very seriously.

All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

All dtX plans includes a free 256-bit SSL Certificate.

Our system is designed for Insurers. Meaning all features, products, data security and payment information is developed to comply with Insurers requirements.

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