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Create these with Wesurance 360

market speed

Build a solution in-house

 Find the right fit - IT team; Server; Payment gateway provider

 Product design and implementation - UI/UX, MVP

Create and manage professional-looking documents for the user journey

 APIs connect and integration

 Set up SMS and email automation

Testing and verifying

 Published online


Wesurance 360

 Select the product type

 Create the UI aligned with your brand

 Create and manage professional-looking content and documents for the user journey

 Setup business logic, API and Payment integration

 Preview and Publish online

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With Wesurance 360

Bring your vision to life with our easy-to-use project builder.

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Select the product type

Choose your product category and select the specific type of your product.

Create online customers journey

Each step is readily available; you can edit, manage and style it freely for the End-to-end journey.

Modify your design

Select the theme built for Digital Insurance and manage the insurance product content.

Easily set up Business Logic

Set up your underwriting questions, pricing tables, policy number with no coding expertise required.

Establish your creation!

Selling online with your own Digital insurance has never been easier, faster, or more scalable.

Pet Insurance

Dog Insurance
Cat Insurance
Rabbit Insurance

Travel Insurance

Single trip travel Insurance
Annual multi trip travel Insurance
Ski / Cruise Insurance

Car Insurance

Car Insurance
New driver Insurance
Learner driver Insurance

And more!

Increase a variety of product. Creating market segmentation and being satisfied with your creation of different types of digital insurance.


Data centres provided on a user interface. Analytics dashboard allow you to monitor your account's stats, allowing you to easily check the policy sold, leads, visits and more.

Making Insurance Simple

With the implementation of an end-to-end approach, your customers can enjoy a comprehensive online experience that is tailored specifically to their individual needs.

Flexible in Design

With the Project Builder, you can create your very own digital insurance form tailored to your exact needs.

Built By Specialists

With a deep understanding of the insurance industry and its specific needs, we have developed every feature of our product with the utmost expertise.

Wesurance 360?

These are the features providing for you on Wesurance 360 to help you create and sell your insurance product online from End-to-end journey with no coding expertise required.

What's Wesurance 360?

Platform structure

Grow your insurance business
with Wesurance 360

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