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Simple and Transparent Buying

Shop for insurance with ease, using our intuitive "Buy & Ask" portal. Enjoy a seamless, straightforward experience tailored to your needs

Trustworthy Choices

Gain access to a curated selection of high- quality insurance products. Feel confident knowing you're making an informed decision

Personal Touch, Digital Speed

Get the personalised advice of a local agent combined with the convenience and speed of online shopping

Wesurance values a human-centric approach.
Our focus on building strong customer bonds ensures business growth and customer retention.

Unlock the Full Potential of Digital Insurance for Consumers

Launch with ease

From an insurance company's perspective, developing digital insurance is time-consuming and costly. The passive sales approach often results in high advertising expenses with limited sales success, consequently constraining the number of customers who opt for digital insurance.


On the other hand, sales agents, acting as proactive sales channels and trusted advisors, have limited options to offer customers quick purchase methods, which, in turn, restricts their business growth.

Insurance Premium checkout page on Insurance Agent page

Strengthening Customer Bonding

Modern Agent Page – a Buy & Ask portal

We believe in creating strong bonds with customers using cutting-edge technology. Sales agents can concentrate on giving expert advice and offering high-premium products.

  • Sell 24/7 in real-time, anywhere 

  • Mobile sales capability 

  • Provide wide range of digital insurance products

  • Offer self-service access to your customers 

Let's create your modern agent page template

Get your personalised "Buy & Ask" portal, and transform how you interact with and serve your customers.

Sell in Trust

Ethan Turner

Oliver Hughes

Ava Foster

Lily Bennett

Empowerment Tools

Benefit from powerful branding options, integrated payment solutions (including ApplePay and GooglePay), and more

Stay Ahead in the Digital Age

Elevate your sales techniques with a platform that merges the best of traditional insurance selling with modern digital tools

Organic Micro Marketing

sell on mobile, in real time, via search and social media

Diversify Your Range of Consumer Products

Grant brokers the ability to easily access and import digital insurance products from insurers whenever they need. It's a self-service solution, allowing brokers to customize and align products with their brand, and distribute them to their sales agents through the 'Buy and Ask' portal.

Effortless Branding and Integration for Brokers
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Speak to Specialist

Revolutionising the world of insurance with exceptional experiences for everyone

Where Digital Meets the Human Heart


Elevate your insurance approach.

Built for Growth

At Wesurance, we committed to 4-weeks implementation

  • On-going technical supports.

  • Supports any product type

  • Product configuration are owned and fully controlled by Insurers.



Explore our demo below:

Easy Product Creation for Insurers, Direct to Brokers
Car Insurance
Learner Driver Insurance
Wider Reach, Optimal Engagement
Connect seamlessly with a vast network of brokers and agents. Gain unparalleled exposure and increase the visibility of your offerings
Quality Products, High Retention
Focus on delivering top-tier insurance solutions. Boost retention within our ecosystem by maintaining and enhancing the quality of your offerings
Transparent Collaborative Listings
Benefit from a straightforward listing process. Join hands with brokers who value and uphold the integrity of your products
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