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Insurance Premium checkout page on Insurance Agent page

Make your distributors sell the product easily, reach and sell millions of customers via social media and grow your revenue

Your Distribution 

Understand and tap into the evolving needs of today's hybrid customer. Offer them a seamless blend of online convenience and personal touch, ensuring loyalty and increased sales.

Embrace the Hybrid Customer

Capitalise on the most trusted form of advertising: word of mouth. Allow satisfied customers to share personalised product URLs, turning them into your most effective marketers.

Boost Sales with Peer Sharing of Personalised URLs



Frictionless buying journey



Track performance and attribute sales



DIY build and maintain

Sales Agents as Trusted Advisors in Digital Insurance

In an increasingly digital world, insurance agents are evolving into trusted advisors who influence customer decisions and enhance their experience. At Wesurance, we empower Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, and Sales Agents to take centre stage in the digital transformation of insurance sales.

Managing General Agents (MGAs) bVirtual Broker Center

Tailor-made insurance products that brokers can find, pull, brand and sell

For Insurers, MGAs and Wholesales Brokers

Virtual Broker Center​
Brokers and sales agents brand alignment and engagement

Brokers brand so their agents can sell via our unique sharing mechanism

For Brokers and Sales Agents​

Brand Alignment Engine​
Purchase digital insurance products with sales agents' personalised products URLs

Customers buy and pay now via link or OR code

For direct, realtime product purchases by customers, ​friends, relatives, and industry peers​

Personalised Product URLs​
digital insurance in social sharing

Vanity URLs for SEO and social distribution across key channels

insurance agent social media sharing
insurance agent social media sharing
insurance agent social media sharing
insurance agent social media sharing
insurance agent instant messenager sharing
insurance agent social media sharing
insurance agent social media sharing

Our Interconnected Distribution Pathways​

Our interconnected distribution pathways empower Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, Sales Agents and Policyholders to connect and engage with each other more efficiently and effectively.

Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers and the Virtual Broker Centre

Owned and Fully controlled by Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers

Drag & Drop Product Configurator

Underwriting Engine

Pricing Engine



Centralised Document 


Customise Forms

Automated SMS and Email Notifications

Define Dataset

digital insurance product configurator
digital insurance product configurator
Drag & Drop Product Configurator

Exclusively operated by our Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, the Virtual Broker Centre crafts bespoke insurance solutions to meet diverse commercial and personal needs. Our innovative approach places us at the forefront of insurance distribution.

Wesurance is redefining digital insurance with our Virtual Broker Centre. Fully governed by our Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, this platform supports the creation of both SME commercial and personal lines insurance products. It's a transformational hub for Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, Sales Agents, and clients, fostering an unparalleled digital interaction.

Brokers Brand, Sales Agents Sell

Brokers, Sales Agents and Brand Alignment

Brokers import the products created by Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers from the Virtual Broker Centre and customise them to align with their brand and meet market and customers needs. Once these products are tailored to perfection, they are given to the Sales Agents.

Digital insurance autonomous buying with checkout facilities
Brokers brand digital insurance products

Sales Agents Sell Now, 24/7

Brokers, Agents and Brand Alignment

Armed with a personalised URL and modern Agent page, agents efficiently sell these branded insurance products via their social media channels

  • Mobile optimised landing pages for individual Sales Agents

  • Sell on mobile, in real time, via search and social media

  • Your customers can self-service online

sales agent page with product URLs
Sales agent page that insurance agent can share in social media

Sharing of Personalised Product URLs Among Customers

Product sharing

Potential customers receive personalised insurance product URLs from the Sales Agents. These can be shared among friends, relatives, or industry peers, further extending the reach and accessibility of their offerings. This unique sharing mechanism represents the final step in our integrated pathway, fuelling the continuous growth and expansion of the network.

Share personalised insurance product URLs peer to peer
share personalised insurance product URLs amoug tech-savy generation

Build Digital Insurance and Expand Your Reach with Ease. Get Started Today and Book a Demo

Supercharge Your Distribution Channel Now!

Designed exclusively for Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers

Designed exclusively for Brokers and Sales Agents

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