In the evolving world of insurance brokerage, a new digital solution is paving the way for seamless expansion and diversification. This innovative approach allows insurance product providers to develop a comprehensive primary insurance product, such as auto insurance, complete with a full buying journey. Brokerages partnering with these providers can then effortlessly import these primary products, customise them to align with their brand, and distribute them through their agents' landing pages. Here’s how this cutting-edge solution is transforming the insurance brokerage landscape.

The Primary Product: A Complete Insurance Solution

Insurance product providers create primary products, which are comprehensive insurance packages, such as auto insurance, complete with an end-to-end buying journey. This includes everything from initial inquiry to policy issuance, ensuring a thorough and client-friendly experience.

Effortless Import and Customisation by Brokerages

Partnered brokerages can subscribe to this digital solution and import these primary products with ease. The digital tools provided allow for seamless customisation of these products to match the brokerage's branding and market positioning. This process involves no complex IT development, making it accessible for all brokerages, regardless of their technical expertise.

Seamless Distribution Through Agent Direct Pages

Once customised, these products are ready to be showcased on the sales agents’ direct pages. Agents can present a range of tailored insurance options to their clients, enhancing their portfolio and offering more choice to the end customer. The integration of these products into the direct pages is smooth and requires no disruption to the existing digital infrastructure of the agency.

No Upfront Investment or IT Resources Required

One of the key advantages of this digital solution is that it requires no upfront investment or extensive IT resources. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and easily adaptable, ensuring that brokerages can implement it without additional burden or cost.

Complementing Current Operations

This digital solution is not intended to overhaul or replace current brokerage operations. Instead, it acts as a supplementary tool that enhances and expands the existing business model. Brokerages can continue their usual operations while using this solution as a way to supercharge their agents and tap into new revenue streams.


The introduction of this digital solution in the insurance brokerage market represents a significant step forward. It offers a simple yet effective way for brokerages to enhance their product offerings, empower their agents, and ultimately, drive more business. With no need for upfront investment, IT resources, or operational changes, this solution is an attractive proposition for brokerages looking to adapt to the digital age and offer more to their clients and agents.

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