In the evolving landscape of the insurance industry, a new strategy is taking hold: insurers offering a primary product that can be customised in branding by their partnered agencies and brokerages. This approach not only enables insurers to leverage the strengths of their partners but also allows for a diverse and expansive distribution network through the direct pages of sales agents. Let's explore this innovative model.

The Strategy of One Primary Product

The foundation of this strategy is a robust, versatile primary insurance product developed by the insurer. This product is designed with flexibility in mind, capable of being adapted and rebranded by different agencies and brokerages to suit their specific market segments and client bases.

Customised Branding by Partnered Agencies and Brokerages

Partnered agencies and brokerages have the opportunity to customise the branding of this primary product. This customisation isn’t merely cosmetic; it involves tailoring the product’s presentation and messaging to resonate with their unique clientele. Each partner leverages its understanding of its customer base to create a version of the product that speaks directly to their specific needs and preferences.

Distribution Through Agents' Direct Pages

The distribution of these customised insurance products is primarily carried out through the direct pages of sales agents working under these agencies and brokerages. These direct pages serve as personalised digital storefronts where agents can showcase the tailored insurance products, emphasising the unique branding and value propositions set by their respective agencies or brokerages.

Advantages of This Model

1. Expanded Market Reach: By allowing customisation of branding, insurers can tap into diverse market segments through their partners’ networks.

2. Enhanced Customer Relevance: Customised branding makes the insurance products more relevant and appealing to different customer groups, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

3. Leveraging Partner Strengths: This model capitalises on the local market knowledge and customer relationships established by agencies and brokerages.

4. Streamlined Product Portfolio: Insurers can maintain a streamlined product portfolio while achieving extensive market penetration and variety.

Maintaining Consistency and Quality

While customisation is key, it’s essential that the core values and quality of the primary product are maintained across all versions. Insurers must work closely with their partners to ensure that the integrity of the product is upheld, regardless of the customisation in branding.


This innovative approach represents a significant shift in insurance distribution, highlighting the power of collaboration between insurers and their partnered networks. By offering a primary product that can be uniquely branded by agencies and brokerages and distributed through sales agents' direct pages, insurers are setting a new standard in market reach and customer-centric service. This model not only benefits insurers but also empowers agencies, brokerages, and their agents to better serve their clients and stand out in a competitive market.

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