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  • About | Wesurance

    We help Insurance Business to go Digital Get Started COMPANY GOAL This is why we do it We are building the world's simplest to go digital application for insurance businesses. From 2017, Wesurance provided digital solutions for insurers. Working with many insurers has us thinking, "not all insurance business have the resources to go digital". Today, we created dtX to help all insurance businesses digitally transform their business affordably. We help insurers to bring insurance products online and insurance Brokers to work more efficiently. After years of working with Insurance Brokers and Insurers globally, it helped us realise the number of resources it can consume a business. We understand that many businesses may not have the resources to digitalise and may not be willing to pay for such systems that may not generate income. However, you feel that making insurance products online is important for your customers. That's why we created dtX, to help insurance businesses to grow their online presence by making insurance products available online. Thing's we've done 2017 We were founded 2018 Created Hong Kong 1st Digtial Insurance App 2020 Launch of DT3 software Solution for Insurers 2021 Launch dtX Platform solution for all Insurance Business Awards Top 20 Fintech Startups in Hong Kong in 2019 Fintech Awards 2018 Winner Fintech Awards 2019 Winner Cyberport Outstanding Insurance Mobile Application Outstanding Intelligent OneStop Insurance Mobile App The Digital Insurer Global LIVEFEST 2018 Insurtech Awards: Asia and ANZ Region Finalists Hong Kong Smart City Awards Outstanding Insurance Technology in Development and Application Platform IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards 2020 Winners Financial Insights’ 50 Leading InsurTech Companies in Asia/Pacific* in 2020

  • Wesurance - Digital Transformation for Insurers

    Ultimate Transformation Platform, One Place Insurtech Transformation Designed for Insurer Wesurance helps you lower the technical barrier to transform your Insurance business and build better customer relationships. Get Started Talk to sales TRANSFORM Bring your business online with Wesurance At Wesurance, we strive to look far into the future: Creating technology that matters. Wesurance helps Insurers leap into the future with a collection of advance tools that enhance your existing digital Infrustructure. dtX is designed for people who see the evolution power of InsurTech. Be part of The Evolution of Insurance Business. About us Your Customers Insurtech-as-a-Service Platform Insurer Take the best path forward Start your online journey Whether you have a new product, you want to put online or looking for tools to help find new prospects. We've got it all. Migration No matter what system you are using. Move all your insurance product online easily. Develop new exciting products and serve customers in a new way. Explore features From digitalising your agents and brokers to selling insurance through channels. We develop solutions you need. Industry expert Get started with Wesurance. We have years of experience in the industry. Cost on usage with no fixed investment Start at no cost and stop whenever you wish, with Transparent Pricing and Predictable fees, you can find the plan that suits you best. With unlimited product creation, the cost of development decreases with each product created. Contact sales Why you should Transform with Wesurance? We create flexible service that you need 10 Reasons to use dtX Low technical barrier All the tools designed for Insurers, with automatic constant updates solving industry issues. No code, No training required to transform your digital business. Simply sign up and start transforming your online business. Launch and test new idea/product Easy-to-build digital products with product templates library allow for faster go to market approach. Explore our hundreds of product template with flexibility to become any insurance type. Start launching new products at speed. Easy Integration to existing system Accepts all levels of digitalisation. From zero to Advance. You don't need a specialist to get you started. Learn more Compliance hassle-free Compliance made easy with customer transaction directly paid to you. Wesurance is a software provider, where all products made are completely owned by you. All you need to reach customer digitally. Ultimate tools build specifically for Insurance Business, engineered by experts, approved by Industry leaders. Get Started Learn more Product Configurator Fast & easy. Launch Insurance products online Instantly with product templates. Analytics & Performance Know how your digital products doing in one place. Security & Privacy Protected by the same level of security used by banks. Product Sharing Enable your products to be distributed everywhere Online. Agent Broker Channel Start your Digital Transformation Journey with Wesurance Try dtX for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run and grow your Insurance business. Get Started 10 Reasons to use dtX Everything Digital Transformation and Wesurance Read all insights Posts are coming soon Stay tuned...

  • FAQ | Wesurance

    Frequent Asked Questions If you have any further questions please contact us Getting Started Getting Started Why dtX? About dtX Security & Data Can I start and stop when I wish to? It’s a subscription model and users paid monthly or annually. We provide the option to renew or cancel at any time. What is dtX? dtX is a SaaS platform that allows you to create digtial Insurance products using pre-set Product templates. You can also distribute the digital product to your partnering agent, broker and channels. Can all our brokers/channel partners connect to my products? How? All you have to do is to turn on the function. dtX offers you the connection tools. I don’t have an IT team, what kind of support will you provide? dtX is designed for any computer users. Our aim is to let our users to do it all by themselves, we will provide necessary assistance at the onboarding process. Why dtX? How many product lines or products I can offer? You can create and post unlimited digital products on your webpage. What can I do if I cannot find any suitable product line from the template? We are enriching our product line from time to time. On request, we can create the product line for our users. Is your platform secure? dtX uses the same technology as the banks to handle payment and data, so you've nothing to worry about. How to market your business with dtX e-Client? Reach your audience and promote products all from the portal that you can manage anytime. About dtX Who own the website? All our users with their own domain names would be the owner of the webpage Will you charge me on adding new features? dtX will be updated frequetly and would have new features for our users, no extra cost would be charged. How to accept payment from customers? dtX payment comes with your account, can be setup at the final stage of launching your product. dtX payment can accept most payment methods. All trasncations from customers will be paid directly to you. Can I use my choice of payment gateway? You can if it is on our list. If not, just allow us to have some times for the integration processing. Security & Data How are you going to handle the personal data with my webpage? Every transaction on your webpage will be uploaded to user’s dedicated email address which would be in a CSV file. How are you going to handle the personal data with my webpage? Every transaction on your webpage will be uploaded to user’s dedicated email address which would be in a CSV file. How can you keep the payment info and business data safe? dtX payments is PCI compliant and supports 3D secure checkout.

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  • What is dtX? Who is it for?

    dtX is created by Wesurance to help lower the resources needed for Insurance Business to go digital. By lowering your technical barrier to transform your Insurance business.

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