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At Wesurance 360, we provide an overview of all the new features on our platform. We are investing heavily in modules, APIs, and other tools so that you can create new Insurance eCommerce experiences on Wesurance 360. Online processes are dynamic. By adding conditions and field validations, we help architects build the business logic to help customers fill out their information correctly. The business logic is a combination of pricing and underwriting. Our solution instantly converts your spreadsheet business logic - such as pricing, rules, and underwriting processes of any complexity - into machine-readable data. Wesurance 360 lets you centralise business logic from multiple spreadsheets into a cloud-based system for better security, version control, and reliability.It's time to start moving all papers into a digital workflow without printed documents. Our Document manager enables our users to create all documents, SMS and email contents for their customers. Once they are linked with the Insurance eCommerce website, a cohesive customer experience is created.

Wesurance 360?

Analytics dashboard

Monitor your account's stats and check the policies sold, leads, visits, and more.

Domain connection

Autoconnect your Digital Insurance website to a domain and register it to publish your website online.

Payment gateway

Set up payment and your earnings will automatically be deposited into your account without any loss of commission.

Web builder

Build your website to suit your brand position with the website builder.

Direct page

Display your Digital Insurance online.


Publish your Digital Insurance.

Project builder

Build your own (BYO) Digital Insurance with our Project Builder.

Digital Insurance

Using a technology-first business model to build your own Digital Insurance.


Optimize your direct page to Improve your search engine optimization (SEO).


Connect to your Google Tag Manager (GTM) account to measure conversions and statistics.

Document manager

Manage your electronic business documents with ease.


Unlimited traffic for your online Digital Insurance to reach more customers digitally.


Deliver your promotions, news or your marketing campaigns to your customers.


API connection enables you to connect those APIs from your carriers easily.

Suits your budget, smooth with the speed, made for Singapore market

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