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Like any other platform in the market, our platform is composed of different key technologies.  When combined, they give you a solid foundation on which to build your business.  These are the building blocks of our Digital Insurance operating system.
An open internet

Security and Privacy

An Open internet:

The internet was built on open standards like TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS/SSL,BGP and, DNS.  These need to be protected and enhanced because there is a real danger reverting to the dark ages if we allow the creation of closed systems.  Internet is a new world which does not have any border and walls.  How can we bring the insurance industry to this world?  This world is leading the fight on open standards.  Customers for insurance products prefer Convenience, Speed, Accessibility, Customisation and Sustainability.  

Let’s talk about them one by one below:
Digital insurance can be accessed and purchased on the internet, and activated quickly.  Digital insurance can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and can often be customised to meet the specific needs of individual consumers.  Last but not least, digital insurance can be a more sustainable option because it reduces the need for paper document and can help to reduce the carbon footprint of the insurance industry.

Let’s talk about the two initiatives of our Open Internet.


Online payment is the electronic transfer of funds via the internet, between our platform users and their customers.  Our platform supports Apple Pay and Google Pay, which enables frictionless card payments and eliminates the need to manually type card or shipping details. Your customers authorise payments with Touch ID, Face ID, or passcode.
Payment management is vital for our users who will collect payment from the insured( gross premium ) and pass an amount ( net premium ) to the insurer.  Security and privacy are in the core of our system.  Our payment system allows our users and their customers to make easy, private and secure transactions. Our users can accept payments and move money freely with the APIs and software solutions designed to help them capture more revenue.

Users’ funds will be deposited directly into their bank account through our Payment service provider Stripe ( Now building your Digital Insurance Website and providing up-to-date payment transactions will no longer be a complex task, thus providing your customers with a great experience.  

End-to-end flow

Digital insurance refers to several technologies that have changed the way insurance service providers operate.  Here, we focus on the buying process of insurance digitally.  
Our Project designer offers our users the simplest way to create their digital insurance without any IT assistance.  Just drag and drop and adding a theme that matches company’s strong brand and can be reused for every process.
Every user on Wesurance sells different products, with each user offering something unique.  When you create your Digital Insurance on Wesurance 360, we give you the tools that make different experiences possible.  The key to this creativity are the modules, APIs and extensions available on Wesurance 360.
At Wesurance 360, we gave an overview of all the new features in our platform.  We’re investing heavily in modules, APIs so you can help make Wesurance 360 the most creative platform on which to create new digital insurance presences and experiences.

Digital processes are dynamic,

By adding conditions and field validations, we help architect the business logic to help customers fill out their information correctly. The business logic is the combination of Pricing and underwriting. Our solution instantly converts your spreadsheet business logic – such as pricing, rules, underwriting process of any complexity – into machine readable data.  Wesurance 360 lets you centralise business logic from multiple spreadsheets into a cloud-based system for better security, version control, and liable.
"The time was now to start moving all papers into a digital workflow without printed documents. Our Document manager enables our users to create all documents, SMS and email contents for their customers. Once they are linked with the digital insurance, a cohesive customer experience is created."

Security and Privacy:

Next, let’s look at what we’re doing around security and privacy.  For any open commerce network to succeed, users and partners need to trust it.  The integrity of a user’s relationship with their customers and their data need to be protected throughout the entire commerce journey, and it’s our role to provide that type of protection.

Security is in our ethos, as part of our orientation, all employees undergo security training and agree to our Code of Conduct and Corporate Information Security Policy. Every year we refresh our security guidelines and bring our employees up to speed on the latest protocols.
Users hold explicit control over their data and who has access to it. Users also pay a big part in their own security.  We have the tools and support in the platform to keep users safe, but they have to use them.

Wesurance is compliant with the highest security standards to make sure all personal and corporate information is safe.  

Here are some of the tools we are working on to help users protect their interests.

At Wesurance, a user’s data belongs to the user.  It’s their business advantage.  



One of the biggest threads to a user’s data is unauthorised access to credentials: compromised passwords or phishing attacks.
Wesurance’s services are accessed through an identity-protected web application with full SSL security.  Make sure only the right people have access. Assign custom roles for platform, application, and data management.

Users and security

Users also have a big role in security and privacy.  Allow your employees and customers to sign in once while providing excellent security compliance across your entire organization. Our network infrastructure is designed, managed, and updated according to security best practices. Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where all internal network traffic is fully monitored.
All customer data is encrypted and hosted in separate storage services on AWS. While all customer sessions and transactions are documented by a secure crypto random source.
All sensitive data is encrypted using TLS protocol to ensure an extra layer of communication security so only authorized parties have access.
Not all data is meant to last. When handling sensitive data, as per user’s instruction, we’ll assign an expiration date for specific requests at the database level.
We follow the OWASP guidelines to regularly test for common vulnerabilities, scan our source code, and pen tests our platform annually.

Taking security seriously allows us to keep users data safe.

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