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Often, brokers and agents are limited to just sharing URLs, not tapping into the full potential of the digital age. Our approach is clear-cut:

Making Digital Insurance Simple

London City

Full Control for Insurer

With our platform, it's easy to craft insurance products that fit right with pricing and underwriting. Have real-time access to vital data, from customer details to immediate policy documents. This means more efficiency, clarity, and a finger on the pulse of market trends.

Underwriting Logic


Document centre


Pricing table


London City

Personalised Branding, Without Compromises

Brokers can easily put their unique touch on their brand using our solution – adjusting headers, footers, colours, and images. But core information stays consistent, keeping things compliant and skipping long approval waits with insurers.

London City

Boosting Sales Agents with Personal Touch

Digital ads and SEO can be costly and generic. We make it easy for sales agents to use personal marketing. When an agent says, "Check out my page for your car and pet insurance, and message me if you need help," it brings genuine traffic and builds trust.

sales agent page with product URLs
Sales agent page that insurance agent can share in social media

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