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All in one Solution for Insurers

Our Technology

Wesurance is dedicated to helping all insurance business to transform digitally. We know that Insurers are wanting to innovate but doesn't know where to start. We also know that the market demands digitalisation, but current software solutions are too resource-heavy to implement.

why we made dtX?

Wesurance designed dtX to be easily integrated into the insurer's current system. It uses technology to tackle systemic industry issues, from simplifying building digital Insurance products to creating a new way to sell insurance using e-Vouchers.

With Wesurance, we will deliver exceptional improvements in agility and operational resilience while helping you to build a future-ready business.  You can start to take advantage of 


Insurance Technology Simple, Fast, Secure.

Wesurance is using dtX Technology to transform the way Insurers approach digital transformation. Using dtX Product Template Library, underwriting engine, data storage and cloud technology. We have designed a powerful, all-in-one solution that helps insurers completely digitalise Insurance products and improve dtX user sales performance.​

Transformation in 5 Steps

Bring growth through digital evolution.


Create your own digital Insurance product

Quickly digitise multiple Insurance products with easy to use product configurator.

Test new products. Launch Insurance products within days, not months.

Develop new products. With hundreds of product template to choose from.


Distribute products your way

Control who gets access to sell what products. Assigning developed products instantly.

Enable Digitalisation to Agent.  Find new prospects, improve agent efficiency and customer relationship through the CRM system.

Enable Broker to sell digitally. Get updated product release instantly in real-time.


Sell Insurance Differently

We help you turn insurance into e-vouchers, so you can distribute your insurance everywhere.

A new way of selling Insurance. Introduce versatility into insurance, allowing businesses to buy e-vouchers for their customers.

More ways for happy customers. Allow channels to introduce insurance to customers with e-vouchers.


Deep Integration with Business partner

Work with any online business and market insurance directly on their platform.

Extend your reach & boost sales. Reach customers at the right places. Deep integration with channels, meeting where customer shops.

Healthy partnership. With easy to integrate API, channels can display and monitor product performance.


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Performance and Analytics

See which products sell best and watch where sales are coming from. Gain insights from your customer behaviour.

Artificial intelligence. Understand your customers over time with Deep learning technology to better understand your customers.

Summary Reports. Gain insights into where sales are coming from and make better business decisions.

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Insurer's website 



Can my existing online page co-exist?

Match your existing URL by connecting your subdomain to dtX. Create a “Direct” product pages and you can put this newly created URL anywhere on your main website. 


The newly created product pages will owned by you.  The ‘direct’ page will automatically get updated with newly created products, or you can get a unique URL specifically for individual products.


Why you should work with Wesurance?

We create flexible service that you need

Cost on usage with no fixed investment

Start at no cost and stop whenever you wish.

Low technical

No code, No training required to transform your digital business.

Launch and test new idea/product

Test and adjust your products to market needs.

Compliance hassle-free

Compliance made easy with customer transaction directly to you.