From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Butterflies are Primed for Radical Transformation, breaking free from legacy limitations. 

Similar to dtX, we help insurers to break free from legacy infrastructure limitations. Enabling you to fly over the horizon to reach new customers.

What we help you Transform

Transform extensively from Agent to Your Client

Your Agents

Radical Performance

Digitise the way your agents sells insurance. Find Prospects. Improve agent efficiency and customer relationship through dtX CRM system, all in one messaging tool and much more.

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Image by Tyler Franta

Your Brokers

Manage digitally

Enable Broker to sell digital product via their agents or direct channel and get updated product release from you instantly in real-time. Watch all their performance in one dashboard.


Your Channels

Enable Business Partnership

Enable Insurance to be sold in Channel's Business community. Reach customers at the right time and places. Deep integration with channels using e-vouchers and leveraging insurtech to innovate distribution channels.

Business Meeting


Fast Go-To-Market

Direct channel for Insurer's product creation with unlimited products. Enable faster go-to-market with simple to use dtX. With developing a new products at no extra costs. Satisfying all your need for testing new products.



One place

Client one-stop portal for review, renew policy, simple claim application, inquire, purchase products, referral and much more.

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