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Sales agent pages with checkout facilities
Digital insurance empowerment with sales agent pages

Revolutionise your insurance brokerage with Wesurance360. From sophisticated design tools to seamless publishing stages, modern agent pages, and comprehensive checkout facilities, Wesurance360 equips you with the ultimate one-stop solution that puts customers first.

Empower Your Insurance Brokerage

Via QR code and trackable links


Personal and commercial lines


Sell direct via social, digital and print


Your Sales Agents can sell now, 24/7

We empower insurance agents with personalised URLs and modern agent pages for efficient sales through social media. Mobile-optimised landing pages enable real-time selling via search and social media on any device.

Customers can self-service online, exploring tailored insurance products. Share personalised product URLs among customers for enhanced engagement and referrals.

Intuitive Design Studio

Craft a captivating experience with Wesurance360’s Design Studio. Customise and create visually appealing insurance product pages with ease, ensuring an immersive user experience.

Digital insurance intuitive design studio

Modern Agents Page & Personalised Product URLs

Empower Sales Agents with modern, customisable agent pages. Distribute products with personalised URLs to maximise reach and engagement.

Modern agents page with personalised product URLs
share modern agents page in social media

Multi-stage Publisher

Wesurance360’s Publisher allows for a three-stage verification process: Pre-live, Staging, and Live. Ensure all stakeholders view and verify the end-to-end flow before going live.

control the online and offline status for digital insurance products
control the online and offline status for digital insurance products
online the digital insurance products

Comprehensive Checkout Facilities

Provide a seamless checkout experience with integrated payment gateways. Send instant emails and SMS notifications to clients for effective communication.

checkout page with apply pay and credit card in modern agents page
modern agents page with product URLs and checkout facilities

Custom Sub-Domain & URL Distribution

Maintain your brand identity with custom sub-domains and distribute your URLs efficiently to target the right audience.

distribute insurance products URLs peer to peer
distribute insurance products personalised URLs to audience
4-weeks Implementation
Ongoing technical support

One-Stop Solution for Ultimate Customer Experience

Wesurance360 is the comprehensive, one-stop solution that puts customers first. It’s designed to empower brokers and sales agents with the tools they need to deliver a seamless, engaging, and personalised insurance buying experience. From the Design Studio to the Modern Agents Page, Wesurance360 ensures that you are well-equipped to meet and exceed customer expectations.


Create professional and personalised documents for your clients with MailTemplatePro, ensuring consistent and effective communication.

tools to create insurance documents and email

Tailor-make captivating product pages with our intuitive Design Studio.

Ensure perfection with our three-stage Publisher.

Empower Sales Agents with modern agent pages and personalised URLs.

Provide seamless checkout experiences with integrated payment gateways

Maintain brand

identity with custom sub-domains.

Why Choose Wesurance360?

Build Digital Insurance and Expand Your Reach with Ease. Get Started Today and Book a Demo

Supercharge Your Distribution Channel Now!

Designed exclusively for Brokers and Sales Agents

Seamless Access to Broker Centre

Effortlessly access the Broker Centre. Import from a range of products whose business logic has been expertly crafted by Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers.

Managing General Agents (MGAs) provide digital insurane products to Broker Centre
broker digital empower
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