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Elevate your insurance offering with WesuranceOne, a dynamic tool designed to create a complete end-to-end insurance product buying journey. With an intuitive interface, extensive customisation, and efficient data management, WesuranceOne streamlines your insurance operations like never before.

Craft an End-to-End Insurance Product Journey

WesuranceOne Self-service digital product

Comprehensive Product Journey Creation

WesuranceOne enables you to create the complete look and feel of your product, offering Wix-like tools for customising forms, button styles, headers, footers, and more. Streamline both form and business logic for an impeccable end-to-end buying journey.




Versatile Forms

Incorporate a range of forms including landing pages, policyholder details, person/property insured, and underwriting questions without constraints, catering to any type of insurance product. 

digital insurance buying jonuary versatile forms
digital insurance online platform versatile form

Simplified Product Segmentation with Avatar

Segment your products effortlessly. For example, within Pet Insurance, create specific categories such as Dog, Cat, Horse, and Rabbit insurance. Tailor products for different channels.

digital insurance product segmentation

Efficiently manage and customise your pricing tables to suit various insurance products and market demands. 

Customisable Pricing Table

Take control of your underwriting process with a versatile underwriting table that adapts to diverse insurance products. 

Comprehensive Underwriting Table

Issue policies effortlessly with our robust policy engine, ensuring streamlined management and delivery of insurance policies. 

Powerful Policy Engine

Utilise MailTemplatePro to create custom mails, documents, and SMS content for your clients, ensuring professional and consistent communication. 


Optional Features for No APIs Products

Craft the complete end-to-end insurance product buying journey with ease.

Achieve extensive customisation from forms to business logic.

Manage pricing and underwriting efficiently.

Facilitate collaboration and empower brokers through a private broker centre.

Streamline product segmentation and policy issuance.

Why Choose WesuranceOne?

Robust Business Logic

Manage pricing tables, underwriting logic, policy issuance, and datasets effortlessly. Integrate your APIs for seamless transaction data transfer to Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers.

Underwriting Engine

Pricing Engine



Centralised Document 


Automated SMS and Email Notifications

Build Digital Insurance and Expand Your Reach with Ease. Get Started Today and Book a Demo

Supercharge Your Distribution Channel Now!

Designed exclusively for Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers

Private Broker Centre

Create a private broker centre, inviting brokers to access and import products. Empower them to customise products aligning with their branding, and issue certificates with one-year validity for each product.

Managing General Agents Private broker centre
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