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Why Wesurance DTX?

Stay ahead of your competition in the evolving market.

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Everything in one place

We take care of everything: Security, Compliance, digitalising all sales-related channels, analytics, and anything else you need to succeed. Wesurance gives you all the ingredients you need to create and scale your insurance business.

Product Building

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Product Hosting

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Business Digitalised

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e-Voucher Generator

Product Template Library

Manage Agent

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Sales Analytics


Packed with Unique Features

DTX is packed full of epic features: from constantly growing product templates to sales and analytics tools for your agents, broker and channels. Our expanding list of features is carefully designed, tested and implemented to solve industry issues, helping you to stay ahead of the pack.


Easy-to-build digital products

Build unlimited products using our product templates library and launch products that suites your customers. Customized your products as much, or little, as you want: pick a product type, design template and add your product information.

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Always Up to date Industry solutions

Unlike many software providers, we are experienced in the insurance industry. We offer constantly updated industry solution designed to solve your problems. 

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Plans that scale with you

Easily move from one plan to another to scale up your business.

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Transparent Pricing, Predictable fees

Unlike many solutions out there, we offer a transparent, predictable pricing structure for each of our plans, instead of paying a large upfront investment.


Seamless Easy Integration

With DTX, you don't need a developed technical infrastructure to start. You can export purchases, policy number, client information and much more anytime. 

Your Website

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Turn insurance into E-Voucher

Start generating revenue from digitalisation with our dedicated onboarding team to help you set up a DTX account.

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Form Business Partnership

Enable business partnership, gain prospects from business' customers. Transform the way your partner's service their clients and increase their customer happiness and loyalty. 


Exceptional customer support

We provide world-class customer service and success to both you and your customers. Our dedicated support team is ready and eager to help you with anything from basic setup to understanding the full potential of DTX platform.

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