Reinventing Building and Launching Digital Insurance

Wesurance DTX is a cloud-based solution that uses A.I. technology to accelerate building digital insurance for insurance business.

Wesurance DTX

How we build your digital insurance?

Think having your own digital insurance takes a long time and is costly?


Having digital insurance is important in 2022. Customers are becoming more custom to purchasing insurance online. Whether you are using your digital insurance to grow your digital business, recruit new customers or give your company an edge by offering innovative products that change throughout the year. If only you had the right technology that could do all that. 


Wesurance's A.I. technology or DTX.


Our team can build your digital insurance in less than two weeks and build it on the back of the world's most comprehensive and most adopted cloud service provider. We use our technology, so you're assured of your digital insurance's availability online. Aligning with your digital growth strategies, having a dedicated team that allows you to launch new digital insurances quickly and updating your digital insurance based on market demands could make your growth strategies even more exciting. 


A better way to get your insurance product online

We know investing in digital insurance is a big step forward. So we focused on addressing the drawbacks of building digital insurance using the traditional method and reinvented the way digital insurance is built. 

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Accelerate the launch of your Digital insurance

We can build and launch your Digital insurance in 2 weeks, by using DTX's A.I technology.

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Cost effective in building your
Digital insurance

Rationalizing the cost of developing digital insurance and support your key function of marketing, distribution and customer recruitment.

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Flexible to update your
Digital insurance

Get all your products available online and reach more customers online.

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Capture new business right on the web

Turn prospects from your website into new customers, by offering an end-to-end insurance purchasing process directly. We’ll pass all customer data directly to your core system through API or encrypted CSV. 

Update your digital insurance anytime

Whether you want to update your DI's product information or make your DI's branding different based on event. You can do it directly using a custom portal. 

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Woman on her Tablet

Hi, I would like to buy health insurance.

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Sure, let me sent you the link.

Empower your agents & brokers to send Digital Insurance direct.

Provide your agents and brokers a way to send your DI directly to their customers through any messaging app.

Wesurance DTX reinvents building of digital insurance, for all insurance businesses

Founded in 2017, we're headquartered in London, and committed to bring technology capabilities to all insurance business.

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