Harness Simplicity with Our Intuitive Interface

Experience the ease of insurance product management with WesuranceOne's Drag & Drop Product Configurator. Our interface is designed to put control back in your hands, streamlining your workflow with tools that are both powerful and straightforward to use.

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Define Dataset

Begin with the basics by defining the dataset that underpins your products. Establish the parameters that will guide both underwriting and pricing with just a few clicks.

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Customise Forms

Tailor the customer experience with customisable forms. Adjust fields to capture the information you need, ensuring a smooth application process that aligns with your product's unique requirements.


Pricing Engine

Set your prices with confidence using our robust pricing engine. With the ability to integrate your pricing tables directly or through API, maintain consistent pricing across your product suite.


Policy Engine

Our policy engine is the cornerstone of product creation, enabling you to set rules and conditions that automate decision- making, making policy issuance and management efficient and reliable.

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Underwriting Engine

Incorporate your underwriting tables directly into the product setup. Our platform facilitates a direct transfer of your underwriting logic into the operational environment, ensuring that risks are assessed precisely as you intend.


Automated SMS and Email

Stay connected with your customers through automated notifications. Keep your clients informed at every stage with customisable SMS and email alerts, enhancing communication and engagement.


Centralised Document

Manage all your documents from a single, centralised location. Our document management system ensures that every form, policy, and piece of correspondence is stored securely and accessible when you need it.

Streamline Insurance Distribution with the IB Network

Our IB Network is the connective tissue between WesuranceOne and Wesurance360, crafting a seamless insurance distribution experience.

The IB Network is your bridge to a fully integrated insurance experience, connecting the back-end sophistication of WesuranceOne with the front-end agility of Wesurance360. Together, they provide a holistic ecosystem that satisfies the needs of today's digital-first insurance landscape.

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For Insurers: WesuranceOne

Pricing Engine: Directly embed your pricing structures or connect them through an API to maintain consistent and transparent pricing across your offerings.

Underwriting Engine: Implement your underwriting logic within the system or integrate existing underwriting systems to make informed risk assessment decisions.

Automatic Policy Issuance: Once the underwriting process is complete, policy documents are generated and issued automatically, streamlining the delivery to the customer.

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For Brokers and Sales Agents: Wesurance360

Form Filling and Submission: Customers start their journey by selecting a product from an agent's page, filling out necessary forms, and submitting their applications.

Underwriting Decision: Applications are processed with immediate underwriting decisions, leveraging the integrated underwriting engine from WesuranceOne.

Quote and Payment: Customers are presented with a quote and can secure their policies through convenient payment options such as credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Document Delivery: Upon payment confirmation, customers receive an email with the necessary documents for download, completing the purchase process effortlessly.

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Tech Power for rapid development

Our platform offers easy-to-use, advanced technology for quick business growth and smarter operations.

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Wesurance Connect

Efficiency, oversight, insights. Wesurance's suite equips you with comprehensive tools for a seamless insurance management experience.

Wesurance Connect

Guided Onboarding

At Wesurance360, we understand the journey doesn’t end with implementation. Our ongoing support and updates ensure you stay at the forefront of digital insurance services, empowering you to grow and adapt in a dynamic market.

Quick and Efficient Implementation

Get up and running in just four weeks. Our streamlined setup process is designed to integrate seamlessly with your operations, so you can start offering your products without delay.

Build and Control Your Offerings

Through the intuitive Product Configurator, you have the power to build, update, and maintain your core insurance products and listings, giving you full control over your portfolio.

Dedicated Support

We believe in building lasting partnerships. That's why we offer ongoing technical support to address your needs and ensure your operations run smoothly at all times.

Tiered Pricing Structure for Insurers

Embrace simplicity with our four-tiered pricing structure, meticulously designed to cater to a diverse range of insurance products offered by insurers. Each tier is precisely calibrated to accommodate different levels of policy premiums, providing fixed fees that reflect the policy's value. This approach ensures transparency and ease for insurers, allowing for straightforward transactions across various insurance offerings.

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