"We" means All people. "Surance" is taken from the word Insurance. We strongly believe that All people should have insurance at the best possible price. How could this be achieved?"

     1.  Fit the size of the wallet in the digital transformation of Insurance
     2.  Fusion of digital into the tech enabled agents to reach out to millions of customers


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Our mission is to help you reach your business potential, digitally.

Wesurance is an insurtech company that builds and implements digital insurance solutions for all insurance businesses. Our cloud-based, AI-based software allows you to access a wider reach of customers, grow your online business, and explore more lucrative business models.

How we began

Founded in 2017, Wesurance is the go-to platform for insurers looking for effective digital solutions to compete in the digital era.

The concept for Wesurance was formed based on our extensive experience working with many insurers, which made us think that not all insurance businesses have the resources to go digital.

Thus, we created Wesurance, a one-of-a-kind signature product that offers accessible, easy, and affordable insurance to a wider reach of customers.

Our vision

Wesurance empowers insurers to connect with and market their products to millions of customers globally and provide them with turn-key business and full-suite business model solutions.

Wesurance is strategically positioned to lower the barrier for insurers to digitally transform their business. Thanks to its subscription-based Wesurance 360, the software enables insurance companies to grow digitally and optimise their operations.

We strongly believe that using "Build Your Own (BYO)" could standardise the digital insurance process in order to minimize costs, lessen time consumption, and be the solution for insurance businesses to transition fully digital.

Honoured to be Recognised

Empowering insurance businesses to reach their true potential through successful digital transformation

Digital transformation for
the insurance industry

Founded in 2017, Wesurance is a technology company with headquarters in London. We are committed to bringing digital transformation to all insurance businesses in the UK and beyond.

Wesurance revolutionised digitisation for all insurance businesses

Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, we are a technology company with headquarters in London, and are committed to bringing digital transformation to all insurance businesses.