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Pioneering Change in the Insurance Industry


Founded in 2017, Wesurance set out with a vision to

revolutionise the insurance industry through cutting-edge technology. Our journey began with the belief that the

traditional insurance model needed a modern transformation to meet the evolving demands of consumers and the industry.

Our Story

story of wesurance

Our mission is to empower Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, and Sales Agents with innovative software solutions that streamline product creation, distribution, and customer engagement through social media and personalised URLs.

Our Mission

wesurance mission

Enumerate the core values of Wesurance.

Our Values


Placing customer needs at the heart of our innovations.


Operating with transparency and reliability.


Continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Building partnerships for mutual success.

Elaborate on Wesurance’s unique approach and solutions, and how they contribute to changing the insurance industry.

How We Are Changing the Insurance Landscape

Wesurance is at the forefront of change with our flagship solutions, WesuranceOne and Wesurance360. By enabling Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers and Brokers to create and distribute customised insurance products with ease and by leveraging the power of social media, we are tearing down the barriers and creating a dynamic, customer-focused insurance ecosystem.

Our vision is to be the leading force in transforming the insurance landscape into a digitally integrated

ecosystem where brokers, sales agents, and customers connect seamlessly.

Our Vision

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