It all started with the founder's realisation of the opportunity for advancement in this digitalised society. As customers ourselves, we find rooms for transformation in the current experience surrounding the insurance industry.

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“Revolutionising the way people search, buy and sell insurance, by creating a safe and simple insurance ecosystem to offer the right protection at the right place, right time, and the right price.”

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Closing Gap

Closing Gap

The mission is to close the gap between customer and insurers by establishing a digitised ecosystem that simplifies the end-to-end connection between insurance providers and customer. 

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Increase Access

Making insurance readily available and accessible to everyone. 
Wesurance is connecting insurers and Business Partners to increase the customer's access point to insurance. 

Work with us !


Our solutions are adaptive, the design is customised to your business needs and wants with flexible integration and implementation.

The team consists of technology experts with a deep understanding of the insurance industry, especially the law and regulations concerning the distribution of insurance products.

Claimatic Technology® is our best-known invention! The Claimatic system is a patented product of Wesurance since the year of 2017. Integrated with

Smart Contract and Blockchain technology, the process of claiming insurance has never been this automated, efficient and accurate. 

Wesurance is founded, innovated and ran directly by the founders. work directly with our passionate founders and work momentum of founder’s mentality! 

Quick to act with top qualities result. 

Wesurance has the unwavering vision, mission and passion to revolutionise the traditional industry and develop the best InsurTech solution in the market. it is not the customer’s job to look for insurance!

Flexible integration to any distribution channel via plug-and-play, while-label, or customization

Continuous Growth

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Top 20 Fintech Startups in Hong Kong in 2019


Fintech Awards 2018 Winner

Outstanding Insurance Mobile Application


Fintech Awards 2019 Winner



Outstanding Intelligent OneStop Insurance Mobile App


The Digital Insurer Global LIVEFEST 2018

Insurtech Awards: Asia and ANZ Region Finalists


Hong Kong Smart City Awards

Outstanding Insurance Technology in Development and Application Platform

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Financial Insights’ 50 Leading InsurTech Companies in Asia/Pacific* in 2020