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In 1991, in the heart of Hong Kong, then a British colony, Eddie embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, leading a team of developers in a company that designed cutting-edge computer hardware. His eye for detail and his pursuit of perfection led his company to great heights.

Fast forward to 2017, and the winds of change were blowing in the financial sector. The merging of technology with finance—Fintech—was making waves in Europe and the U.S., but had yet to leave a mark in Hong Kong. A conversation with a close friend from the U.K. prompted Eddie to pivot towards this promising domain, and thus, Wesurance was born. 

With innovation at its core, Wesurance wasn’t just another mobile app. Features like last-minute insurance purchases and the "few-clicks" claim process redefined user experience. The groundbreaking integration of blockchain contracts ensured an automatic, transparent claim process.

However, as Wesurance endeavoured to develop specialty insurance products, they received pivotal advice from the top management of a re-insurer. This advice would shape Wesurance's direction: Instead of reinventing the insurance product wheel, they should leverage their groundbreaking technology to revolutionise the insurance landscape.

This strategic shift was accompanied by the development of a solution tailored for the needs of Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, and Sales Agents. Mass market brokers could now seamlessly establish a self-service line without the traditional dependency on IT resources. For sales agents, Wesurance acted as a catalyst, equipping them with tools like the Modern Agent page and personalised product URLs. This not only amplified their outreach but also resonated with modern consumer habits, allowing for easy sharing among peers.

From Hong Kong to the shores of the U.K., Wesurance’s journey has been about more than selling insurance. It’s about transforming the industry and setting new standards for how we think about and interact with insurance, bridging the best of product and technological innovation.

​Founder of Wesurance


Eddie Chang

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