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For Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers

Empower your insurance operations with our cutting-edge digital solution designed for Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers. From streamlining the end-to-end insurance product buying journey to facilitating seamless collaboration among all stakeholders, our solution delivers efficiency, enriched customer experience, and fosters a collaborative ecosystem.

Harness the Power of Digital Innovation to Transform Insurance Management and Customer Experience

digital insurance transform MGAs
digital insurance transformation and broker centre

Enable a Streamlined End-to-End Insurance Product Buying Journey

WesuranceOne empowers your customers with the tools for a self-service model, enabling them to independently handle their insurance purchase process. They can obtain quotes, bind their chosen options, and finalise the purchase -all in one place.

Key Features
end-to-end digital insurance payment successful page
End-to-end digital insurance buying journey
End-to-end digital insurance buying journey

Enable Enhanced Collaboration through Social Media Sharing

WesuranceOne fosters a collaborative ecosystem by enabling brokers to distribute comprehensive insurance product journeys to their sales agents, who can then share product pages via social media. This capability expands your reach to potential customers.

share modern agent page with insurance products URLs in social media
insurance agent page sharing
insurance agent page sharing
insurance agent page sharing
insurance agent page sharing
insurance agent page sharing
insurance agent page sharing

Broker Centre: The Engine of Your Operations

The Broker Centre in WesuranceOne is the core where Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers can facilitate all these capabilities. From managing the insurance product buying journey to enabling collaboration through social media sharing and delivering personalised experiences, the Broker Centre powers your operations.

broker import digital insurance from broker centre
broker centre with brand alignment

WesuranceOne enables a seamless, end-to-end insurance buying process for customers.

It enhances collaboration among Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers, Brokers, and Sales Agents through social media sharing.

WesuranceOne enables the delivery of a personalised insurance buying journey with custom product URLs.

The Broker Centre in WesuranceOne powers your operations and drives efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Solution?

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Designed exclusively for Insurers / MGAs / Wholesale Brokers

Enable Personalised Product URLs Shared Amongst End Customers

With WesuranceOne, you can deliver a personalised customer experience by generating custom product URLs that can be shared amongst end customers, enhancing their buying journey and overall satisfaction.

personalised insurance product URLs
personalised insurance product URLs
sales agents personalised insuranc product URLs
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