In the contemporary insurance market, digital innovation promises greater accessibility, convenience, and efficiency. It's no wonder many insurers have enthusiastically invested in digital insurance products. These new-age offerings are often proudly displayed on company homepages, heralding a modern approach to an age-old industry. Yet, for many, a glaring problem emerges: the products don't sell as expected.

Why isn't Digital Insurance Selling?

Insurers might believe that a state-of-the-art product should naturally attract a large number of online customers. After all, we're in the digital age, right? The reality, however, is more nuanced:

1. Visibility: Being on the homepage doesn't guarantee visibility. Unless your website gets significant traffic, many potential customers might never see your offerings.

2. SEO and Digital Marketing Challenges: Digital insurance requires a distinct marketing approach. Traditional advertising might not resonate with an online audience.

3. Trust: Insurance is a product of trust. Online, without a human face or personal connection, building that trust is a formidable challenge.

A Solution: Networked Digital Insurance

Think of the traditional digital insurance model as an island – isolated, standing alone, and difficult for potential clients to discover. In contrast, networked digital insurance is like a well-connected airline network, linking various destinations and making them more accessible.

What if digital insurance could leverage the reach and trust of traditional channels? By integrating digital insurance with the extensive networks of brokers, agents, and other traditional channels, insurers can bridge the trust gap, expand their reach, and tap into established market segments.

The BA Airline Network Analogy

Consider British Airways' vast airline network. A single hub airport isn't their strength; it's the myriad of interconnected routes, allowing passengers to travel between multiple cities effortlessly. The principle is similar for networked digital insurance: by creating multiple touchpoints and leveraging existing networks, insurers can amplify the reach of their digital products.

Reinventing the Digital Insurance Wheel

If your digital insurance products aren't garnering the attention or sales you anticipated, it might be time to consider a networked approach. Linking digital insurance products with traditional channels can:

- Enhance visibility and reach
- Build trust through familiar and established channels
- Offer customers a seamless blend of digital convenience and human touch


The insurance industry, with its deep-rooted traditions, doesn't change overnight. But as the digital wave continues to grow, insurers must adapt to stay relevant and competitive. By recognising the challenges of isolated digital products and embracing the concept of networked digital insurance, insurers can bridge the old with the new, ensuring their digital investments yield tangible results.