In a previous article, we explored the challenges insurers face when venturing into the realm of digital insurance, especially when these products don't yield the expected outcomes. If your digital insurance products are placed on your homepage but remain largely unseen and untouched, what's the solution?

Understanding the Digital Dilemma

First, it's essential to recognise why these challenges arise:

1. Isolation of Products: Having digital insurance products on a homepage can be like placing them on an isolated island, limiting their visibility and accessibility.

2. Lack of Trust: The digital realm lacks the personal touch, making it harder to build the trust that insurance often relies on.

The answer might lie in an unexpected place: the very traditional channels that digital was supposed to surpass.

1. Networked Digital Insurance: Instead of standalone products, envision a networked ecosystem where digital insurance is interconnected with traditional channels. Much like a well-connected airline network, this approach creates multiple touch points, making products more accessible and visible.

2. Digital-Physical Hybrid Models: Incorporate digital tools into traditional broker-client interactions. For instance, brokers can use digital platforms for initial client interactions, followed by in-person meetings to solidify the deal.

3. Broker-Integrated Digital Platforms: Develop online platforms where brokers play an active role. Clients can access digital tools, get instant quotes, but also have the option to chat or video call with a trusted broker.

Why Does This Work?

- Leveraging Established Trust: Traditional brokers and agents come with a built-in trust factor. By integrating them into the digital platform, you're offering the best of both worlds: the convenience of technology and the reliability of human interaction.

- Expanding Reach: By integrating digital products into traditional channels, insurers can tap into existing client bases and referrals, ensuring that more potential clients encounter their digital offerings.

- Personalised Experiences: The human touch ensures that clients get tailored advice and solutions, enhancing the value proposition of the digital insurance product.


The future of digital insurance isn't about discarding tradition; it's about integrating the new with the old. By bridging the digital divide, insurers can ensure that their digital products not only shine but also sell. It's time to move from isolated islands to a vast, interconnected network – a future where digital and traditional channels coexist and complement.