Fellow brokers,

I've been in the trenches of insurance brokerage just like you, and the age-old challenge remains: How do we grow our revenue without stretching our resources too thin? From one broker to another, here's my take:

  1. Making the Most of What We Have: We've all built a foundation - our team, our data, our methods. What if I told you that adding the right digital tools could amplify these assets? It's like adding superchargers to the engines we already have.
  2. Expand Offerings Without the Extra Work: I've discovered that some insurers are pre-loading their products. What does this mean for us? A wider range of offerings without the admin headaches. More options for our clients and added revenue streams, without drowning in paperwork.
  3. Be There, Anytime: I've always valued face-to-face interactions, but having digital touch points means I'm available for my clients 24/7. This has not only improved client relations but has also opened up unexpected revenue opportunities. Yes, I've seen policies being purchased at 3 am!
  4. Embracing the Digital Wallet: ApplePay, GooglePay – these aren't just buzzwords. They're the payment methods of today. By integrating these, I've reduced payment frictions and connected better with my younger clientele.
  5. Affordable Branding: My brand is my pride, and being able to incorporate it into digital platforms, without breaking the bank, ensures that my clients always feel that personal touch, even online.
  6. Get Going Quickly: I've realised that in our industry, speed can be a game-changer. Platforms that help us launch products swiftly have given me an edge, allowing me to seize opportunities before they even appear on others' radars.

In closing, my friends, I've found that our future doesn't require abandoning our roots. Instead, it's about weaving our traditions with the conveniences of today. I've taken steps towards smarter growth, and I genuinely believe that with the right approaches, we can all flourish without compromising what makes us, well, us.