As Generation Z matures into the age bracket of 28-38, their influence on the insurance industry is becoming increasingly significant. Known for their unique digital-first behaviours, Gen Z is not just reshaping market trends; they are setting new standards for customer engagement. This article explores how the insurance sector must evolve to meet the demands of this pivotal demographic.

Gen Z's Digital-First Approach

Gen Z has grown up with technology at their fingertips, shaping their expectations for instant and digital interactions. Traditional methods of customer engagement, such as phone calls and physical mail, are often disregarded by this group, who prefer the immediacy and convenience of digital platforms.

They Won’t Send an Enquiry

Gen Z consumers typically bypass traditional enquiry methods, favouring self-service platforms that allow them to access information instantly. Their preference is to explore details online, using tools and resources at their own pace without direct interaction unless absolutely necessary.

They Won’t Wait on an Email

This generation expects real-time communication. Waiting for an email response is an outdated concept to them; instead, they lean towards instant messaging and responses via chatbots or social media, which provide the speed and efficiency they value.

They Won’t Call Now

The idea of making phone calls for service or support is often a last resort for Gen Z. They are more comfortable texting or using digital interfaces that offer quick and autonomous service, aligning with their preference for text over talk.

They Won’t Wait for You to Call Them

Gen Z values their time and expects interactions to fit seamlessly into their digital lives. Traditional callbacks are seen as interruptions; rather, they prefer updates and interactions that are immediate and digitally integrated.


As Gen Z becomes a dominant force in the consumer market, the insurance industry must recognise and adapt to these behavioural trends. The future lies in leveraging advanced technologies, developing user-friendly digital interfaces, and ensuring responsiveness that aligns with Gen Z’s expectations. The industry must transition to these new norms to effectively engage this upcoming core group of customers.

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