In the age of digital transformation, the insurance sector has witnessed a profound shift in customer behaviour. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, the delineation between offline and online customers is becoming increasingly blurred. This transition has given birth to a significant segment: the Hybrid Customers. This shift, though prominent, reveals that the insurance industry might not be evolving as swiftly as other sectors, such as banking.

1. The Waning Realm of Offline Customers:

Traditionally, insurance distribution relied heavily on offline customers. These individuals valued face-to-face interactions and typically built long-term relationships with their insurance agents. However, with the convenience and efficiency of digital services becoming more prevalent, this segment has been on a gradual decline. Especially among younger, tech-savvy generations, there's an observable tilt towards online solutions.

2. The Emergence of Hybrid Customers:

While the trajectory seems to point towards total digitalisation, a significant number of people are not ready to forsake the human touch entirely. Enter the hybrid customer. These individuals effectively merge their offline and online experiences. They might start their journey by researching policies online but could prefer discussing their options or seeking clarifications from a live agent. The hybrid model offers them the best of both worlds: the accessibility of the digital realm and the assurance of personal interactions.

3. The Insurance Industry's Response:

Despite the clear emergence of hybrid customers, it's observable that the insurance sector may not be advancing as rapidly in the digital transformation as some other sectors, like banking. Many banking institutions have successfully integrated robust digital self-service tools for their customers, while the insurance industry is still in the process of catching up.


The rise of hybrid customers emphasises the dynamic nature of consumer behaviour in the insurance sector. While the insurance industry is taking strides in its digital transformation journey, there remains room for growth and adaptation, especially when considering the success of other sectors. Hybrid customers are a testament to the evolving expectations of consumers, merging the best of both online and offline worlds.