In the fast-evolving landscape of digital insurance, insurers, MGAs, and wholesale brokers are often caught in a tug-of-war between the need for efficient online management and maintaining meaningful connections with brokers. Enter WesuranceOne and the IB Network, which together provide a turnkey solution that stands out in this crowded space.

1. Product Creation on WesuranceOne

WesuranceOne offers a platform where insurers, MGAs, and wholesale brokers can seamlessly craft digital insurance products. This comprises:

- The Form: An intuitive digital interface for customers.
- Business Logic: Crucial components like pricing and underwriting decisions.

2. Amplifying Reach with the IB Network

The genius of the IB Network is its role as a bridge. It ensures that products fashioned on WesuranceOne can be instantly accessed by a plethora of authorised brokers, essentially amplifying their market reach overnight.

3. Wesurance360: A Broker's Personalisation Tool

Once a product finds its way into the hands of brokers, Wesurance360 offers them the reins to adapt these products to their brand's unique aesthetics, from colours and headers to footers and promotional images. This guarantees consumers a consistent brand experience throughout.

4. A Consumer Journey Without Hiccups

On the broker's branded pages, consumers are introduced to products with clear prompts like 'Get Quote Now.' As they navigate, their data journeys to the insurer's end for an underwriting decision, before the quote is relayed back. Consumers can then finalise their purchase using various digital payment options. Wesurance360 keeps this process transparent, capturing every transaction and sending confirmations both ways – to brokers and insurers. This setup is structured to ensure clarity in the premium collection and disbursement processes.

5. Wrapping Up with Efficient Document Distribution

Once a transaction reaches its conclusion, WesuranceOne swings into action, helping insurers dispatch the necessary policy documents to brokers. These brokers, in turn, make sure consumers have their policy details delivered to them without delay.

The Turnkey Advantage

What truly sets this system apart is its turnkey nature. Once products are developed by insurers, MGAs, or wholesale brokers, everything is set to 'go'. There’s no extended waiting or complicated deployment steps. The entire ecosystem is primed for a rapid market release, ensuring that digital insurance products reach consumers faster than ever before.


By intertwining product creation, distribution, branding, sales, and post-sale activities, WesuranceOne, combined with the IB Network and Wesurance360, ushers in an era of digital insurance that’s efficient, transparent, and above all, customer-centric.